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IHSG defines itself as a network, because the group rates and will put particular emphasis on close cooperation with other organizations and agencies, both public and private sectors

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. The main goal is to meet the community, and strengthening academic participation, building trust and confidence of the audience, such as are people with a multicultural background.

The network will further develop their technical and human resources by taking commission from the government and NGOs

  • International health and social group (Network IHSG), was established in1994.
  • IHSG is one of the few organizations in Norway, which focuses on immigrants health and social problems.
  • We have volunteer experts in: health and social sector, business, arts and culture.
  • Cooperation with the Norwegian authorities are our most important task.
  • We have multicultural expertise in various areas and a counseling agency for ethnic minorities.
  • IHSG’s main purpose is to meet community development, building trust and confidence in the target group.